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Author & Writer

I published my first book in 2016 and have published 3 since and am working on a fifth. My second book “A Guide to Shadow Work” is a top performer in its category on Amazon with over 300 five star reviews and sales of approximately 1500 copies per annum. My passion is writing and I have written many blogs and articles for myself as well as for others. I wrote a few articles for News24 a number of years ago and was nominated for blog of the year in 2011 on the ‘My Digital Life’ platform. I have worked on projects as an editor, proof reader and copwriter and also offer my services as a ghost writer.  

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Shadow Work Guide

I have been on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and healing for over 20 years. For the past 8 years I have uncovered and explored the beautiful but very challenging practice of Shadow Work. Out of all the healing modalities and techniques I have explored over the years, this is by far the most effective method of healing I have ever discovered. I have attained a Diploma in Advanced Shadow Mastery and offer my knowledge to others in the form of talks, interviews and podcasts. I have written about this beautiful healing technique in my book “A Guide to Shadow Work” and will be writing about how we can use this technique to survive the challenges the pandemic has presented us with in my new and upcoming book “The Shadow & The Pandemic”. I offer talks either in person or online to give more information and to answer questions on this subject.

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"Michelle's writing is captivating and she paints beautiful pictures with her words. In relation to her own content, which I publish in my magazine, she has a gift of writing profoundly deep stuff in a way that comes across as though she were sitting in front of you, speaking directly to you, face to face, heart to heart. Her articles are always beautifully written and thought provoking. It is an honor to publish her work. Her approach is always from the heart and imbued with love."

CJ Stott Matticks,

Editor of Conscious Life Magazine


Transformation Through Words

Words are the most widely used art form on this planet. Not only do we use words to communicate, but we use words to convey memories, stories, ideas, concepts, visions, objectives and to describe our world and emotions. Words can easily be lost on the reader, or alternatively they have the ability to evoke strong emotion. It all depends on our choice of words, how we arrange those words and how we bring them to life.

Because of this immense power I believe words hold in this world I believe we all have the ability to change the world with our words.­­

Whether it is a product we believe in, a service we believe in, an idea we believe in or if it is ourselves whom we believe in… it is imperative that we craft the most effective and value infused written composition that we possibly can in order to inspire and motivate the reader.

Reading is both a cognitive and emotional process. If there is no emotional effect there won’t be much of an impact, and conversely the stronger the emotional effect the more profound the impact.

So a good piece of writing will elegantly intertwine both the cognitive and emotional aspects to influence the reader into the direction of thinking of that of the author.

Words have both the power to create or destroy. How we use words can create new things in this world, new pathways to the future, new ideas, new objectives, new visions, new perceptions… words can create a new world!

Words are powerful


I am an Author, Writer and Shadow Work Guide.

I have travelled to and lived in the United Kingdom and South East Asia. I lived in both Thailand and Vietnam before making my home in Cambodia for 3 years. My travels in SEA were an epic milestone for me in my journey of healing and self-discovery.

Writing has always been my passion. I have found that graceful articulation and a finesse for grammar have come easily and naturally to me. I cannot say when the passion to be a writer started but it has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

I have been writing on blogging platforms for the about 13 years and was nominated for ‘Blog of the Year 2011’ on the MyDigitalLife platform, however blogging has been on the back-burner for a few years now due to the books I have been working on. I published my first book on 6 years ago, have published 3 since and am currently working on a fifth.

My forte is ‘wisdom writing’. In my first book, which is an autobiography, I dissect my experiences in life and the wisdom I have gained from those experiences. I intended it as a self-improvement guide for others who may have experienced similar challenges. My second book “A Guide to Shadow Work” is a deep dive into a practice I have been mastering for about 8 years now called Shadow Work which is geared towards helping people heal from past trauma in order to become whole again by integrating the parts of themselves that they have previously judged or rejected.

My ultimate goal is to help people not only heal themselves but accept themselves and love themselves. This will ultimately create a new world full of courageous people who love themselves unconditionally which will inspire others to do the same. Publishing my story and guidance has brought me the deepest joy, knowing that I have helped people and inspired healing and growth is the biggest achievement of my life.

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