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  • Michelle L Geldenhuys

The Awakening

An exceprt from my book 'Symphony of the Multiverse':


So what is The Awakening?

Neo-Spiritualists all over the planet are talking about it as if it’s the biggest event since Woodstock in the 60’s and if you don’t buy your ticket you’re going to miss the show!

We hear people talking about it, maybe more so in recent years, whether it’s at the office or the gym or at the yoga class. But people are certainly talking about it, especially on social media.

Whether we believe in ‘it’ or not no-one can really deny that something is going on.

People are thinking differently, people are questioning everything, people are becoming much more drawn to activities and interests outside of the technological and money driven ethos.

The Mayans, who were an ancient civilisation in Mexico and central America about 4000 years ago, left scriptures behind called the Mayan Glyphs which have been largely deciphered over time and they refer to an ‘awakening’ which happens periodically. And one of their predictions was an awakening to take place in 2012. Many people interpreted this as a doomsday, or an end to civilisation however the Mayans were simply referring to a massive transformation.

The Mayans were known for periodically overhauling their entire society and ditching everything that no longer worked or served the people and replaced it with new, fresh ideas and technology that would benefit the well-being of all. Most civilisations will slowly drag along clutching onto old paradigms until one day a massive revolution, which often results in death and destruction, changes the way things are done.

So to the Mayans an awakening was a complete transformation of how things are done for the benefit of all without having to go through death and destruction to achieve it.

There is even a new field within the corporate industry called “Change Management” where professionals get paid a bunch of money to intelligently devise plans and strategies in order to provide technical, emotional and psychological support to people in organisations who simply cannot change their mind-set.

But is this not essentially what we are experiencing now? A massive transformation in which many people are becoming the stewards of change and helping others to begin embracing change? Could this be what we are experiencing now? A massive transformation that kicked off almost ten years ago. There does seem to be a massive split in society today of those desperately trying to hold onto the old ways of manipulation and control and the other half trying to liberate humanity with advancements in human relating, medical treatments, new technologies, new forms of currencies, new ideologies and so on. I feel like there are currently three predominant factions of society: Those resisting change, those implementing change and the ones in between trying to facilitate the transformation process.

Answer this for yourself, regardless of whether you believe in free energy or not, should we really have to pay for electricity if free energy has already been discovered? Why of course not. And make no mistake that there are people out there right now in very high places fighting for our right to have access to revolutionary advancements such as this. But equally there are those who will fight to keep this away from us because billions in revenue for many wealthy corporations will be lost.

There is medical technology that has already been invented and tested that can heal any illness or disease on this planet, but again it is being kept from us for the purposes of wealth hoarding. But this, right now as you are reading this, is slap bang in the middle of transforming in our favour. And this is what the Mayans predicted, it is inevitable.

‘The Celestine Prophecy’, a book by James Redfield that was released in 1993, chronicles the discovery of ancient scrolls found in Peru which detail a great awakening that will catapult humanity into a completely new paradigm of spirituality and freedom. If you are not much of a reader there is a film available on You-tube based on The Celestine Prophecy and I have included the link details at the end of my book.

Jiddu Krishnamurti who was a philosopher, author and public speaker published a book called ‘The Awakening of Intelligence’ in 1973 describing how humanity will begin to awaken to a superior form of intelligence that is not merely academic but is rather a deep spiritual wisdom that transcends our sciences and religion.

The truth is there have been countless literary works detailing enlightenment and awakening.

There are films about awakening too.

It is not as though it is a completely foreign or unbelievable concept. If we as individuals can grow throughout our lives and wake up out of our own neuroses and disillusionment can that not happen in society as a collective? Can we honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that awakening is not possible for humanity and that it is merely fantasy?

Perhaps we are afraid to admit the reality of awakening or to accept awakening because to do that we would have to admit that something is wrong with how things are currently being done.

Let’s take just a moment to be honest with ourselves right here right now… Things aren’t quite right with the world are they?

Suffice it to say… awakening is inevitable.

Every era in history calls towards it a revolution, or an overhaul, of the way things are done. Things become stagnant and those in power become too greedy and inevitably nature restores balance. And when things have become critically unbalanced the measures needed to restore balance can often be somewhat drastic.

So my question is thus: Can the word ‘revolution’ also be just another term for awakening? Doesn’t it seem clear that at some point people’s minds open up to the reality of injustices that are taking place and from there things just seem to completely transform into something better regardless of how tumultuous the transition may be?

Do actual events change spontaneously or is it perhaps all preceded by the changing of minds? Are minds changed or do they simply expand and open up naturally as an answer to a calling from the universe? Are our minds expanding and waking up in the world right now? What are we waking up from? What injustices are we waking up from this time?

It seems the inherent nature of those who wield too much power guarantees they will eventually become too greedy, too destructive and arrogantly complacent and this always leads to a massive awakening of consciousness and inevitably to a profound overhauling of the values and rules of societies and nations.

Make no mistake that we are in the middle of an awakening right now. I can feel it. You can feel it. They can feel it.

When are we going to learn from this continuous rising and falling that we ought to be a lot more scrupulous and weary of who we allow to have power over us?

This is a rhetorical question of course because a part of me fears the answer is simply...

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