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  • Michelle L Geldenhuys

The War on Intellegence

An excerpt from my book 'Symphony of the Multiverse':


Make no mistake that the war against the peoples of this planet has always been a war on our intelligence.

People on this planet have been talking lately a lot about a particular strategy of mental manipulation called “Gaslighting”. As far as people are aware this is a rather new concept and applies to people we have been in relationship with.

Well let me put this out there right now, Governments and Leaders have been “Gaslighting” us for a very very long time already.

Herewith the official definition of “Gaslighting”, courtesy of Wikipedia, for those who may not be aware of what I am referring to:

“Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment. It may evoke changes in them such as cognitive dissonance or low self-esteem, rendering the victim additionally dependent on the gaslighter for emotional support and validation. Using denial, misdirection, contradiction and disinformation, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim's beliefs.”

A great film to watch, which is based on true events, regarding how government authorities have used gaslighting on its citizens before is ‘Changeling’ (2008). If you haven’t see it, watch it. That film is based on what I’m talking about. That was not an isolated event, in fact that has been happening to varying degrees and in different situations for centuries.

The more intelligent a person is the more difficult they will be to gaslight. Therefore the modus operandi of any successful gaslighter would be to ‘dumb down’ the victims intelligence.

There has been certain criteria for intelligence brought forth by researchers in the artificial intelligence field and they are the following:

· Planning and learning

· Critical thinking, problem solving and the use of reason and strategy

· The integration and practice of knowledge, specifically common-sense

· Communication through language

· The ability to apply these skills towards reaching common goals

Contrary to common fantasy the majority of the world population today are not functional in all of the above mentioned categories or even most of them.

Have a look at our education system, it requires its students to become programmable drones who learn all information given to them in parrot fashion and to refrain from questioning the information failing which will lead to punishment or complete rejection from the system.

More and more we are seeing young people entering adulthood and being completely unable to become financially successful and independent. School seems to be leaving kids with absolutely no practical skills for surviving and thriving in our society never mind the fact that they have been thrown in the deep end without any change management, emotional management or risk management skills.

Human beings are not encouraged to develop original thought. Original thought is and always has been a threat to the system.

Up until the days of Newton, Tesla and Einstein intelligence was at least still celebrated around the world, nowadays we celebrate those who have a lot of money or public influence, intelligence is no longer a characteristic that we look for in the people we worship and follow.

But then again even those original thought pioneers who changed the way we see the world faced massive challenges in getting their ideas and theories heard since the majority of the mainstream academic community only merit those who study the current facts obediently and diligently… original thought is seen as an interference or as defiance against the system.

Most people today are repeating what they were told by their parents or teachers. Most people are only concerned with what the news, the majority of their peers, or their government has to say.

Very few people today raise any questions, do any sort of independent research, or attempt to devise ideas of how to improve the state of affairs for humanity. Very few people entertain notions of where we come from and where we are going or even what the long term consequences of our collective actions are going to be.

Most people today have been successfully trained to unquestionably digest the information given to them by their gaslighter.

To be fair it does take a certain amount of brain functionality to begin thinking critically and asking questions and devising new ideas and thoughts…

But since our lifestyles, diet, substance misuse and electronic dependency is all working against the healthy functioning of the brain, it is becoming increasingly difficult for human beings to come even close to their true intellectual potential.

During the recent pandemic there were people who believed the authority’s narratives and there were those who did not.

And since, if we’re all honest with ourselves, the track record of world leaders throughout our long history is not one that includes transparency, honesty or integrity, it is understandable why people would want to conduct independent research.

Unfortunately during all of this there were some people who started making some really outlandish claims and started spreading information that was not necessarily factual.

This small faction of individuals sparked the revival of an old term that was used by the CIA to categorize people who questioned any information given by government agencies.


Let us dissect this term for a moment:

So this is someone who believes in the theory that there are conspiracies or cover ups taking place by powerful people. Theory implies that it is an unproven notion.

If I had to make a logical conclusion here I would have to look at the track record of powerful people and how open and honest they have been in the past with the public about what they are doing and about what is really going on.

I would have to look at the massive exposure of sexual crimes and sexual abuse amongst the Hollywood elite that sparked the world wide ‘metoo’ movement. Before this happened, anyone who insinuated that there were sex crimes rampant amongst the Hollywood elite were labelled as conspiracy theorists.

I would have to look at the recent 2019 admission by the Pentagon in the United States that UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) are real and are being monitored by the military. Before this admission, anyone who talked about a cover up of UFO phenomenon was labelled a conspiracy theorist.

I would have to look at the information withheld by the Soviet Union that ultimately led to the world’s worst Nuclear Disaster in Chernobyl in 1986. The truth was eventually exposed as to the Soviet Government’s numerous cover up’s of information as well as health and safety issues at the site that has in the wake of the disaster caused, up until today, hundreds of thousands of deaths and radiation related illnesses.

I would have to look at the cover up by the Catholic Church of the thousands of children that were sexually abused by Priests that was eventually exposed in a Pulitzer Prize winning investigation by the Boston Globe in 2003. The most disturbing of this information was that the Church actually allowed this abuse to take place for years, they were very well aware of what was going on.

In fact there are so many examples of cover ups by governments, corporations and powerful people worldwide that I would be blatantly ignorant to conclude that all conspiracies are merely ‘theories’ and that all government agencies, corporations and organisations are completely honest and transparent...

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