A Guide to Shadow Work

A short and powerful guide to healing

By Michelle L Geldenhuys

Once again this incredible author highlights the importance of healing our pain that we carry.
Her first book "Evolution of a Battered Mind" described how she had learnt of the importance of healing through her experiences in life.
Now she has put together a brief but powerful 9 step guide that will help anyone on their path towards healing their inner trauma, or 'shadow'.
"I myself have been working with my own shadows for most of my life and can say with humbleness and pride that although there were times when my shadow completely overcame me, I have learnt to embrace every inch of what is me and I have found the key to liberation from the torment of this inner shadow. The ‘key’ to it all, that I have discovered through my journey, I have broken down into 9 separate parts."

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"This is a wonderful read about humans and why we feel and behave as we do.
It explains why it is necessary to embrace our shadow side as well as our light. It gives us permission to love and accept all people, ESPECIALLY ourselves by realizing that we are just mirroring aspects of others unto ourselves, and vice versa. I highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with self worth, or has problems with relationships. Thank you, Michelle"

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Symphony of the Multiverse

A collection of compelling and controversial ideas

By Michelle L Geldenhuys

My inspiration for this book has come from my eternal dance with the ‘Cosmic Voice’. It has gifted me with knowledge, guidance and realizations beyond my wildest imagination.

This book displays my quest for the ultimate truth.

I look for the message and I connect the dots of the web of information available both in the physical world as well as the non-physical world to create a tapestry that best resembles Universal Wisdom.

In this book, amongst discussing interesting ideas and insights, I reveal the wisdom of the universal laws of balance, karma and free will.

There is a massive planetary shift towards the balancing of energies and we have an integral part to play in this transformation.

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Five Star Review on Amazon


The author helped me see the world in a different way, `I now see how important it is for us to empower ourselves through the acquisition of knowledge. Balance is everything and I now understand how unbalanced energy has affected us individually as well as humanity as a whole.
Great insights

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Leading through Legacy

By Sjeanne Cawdry / Editing by Michelle L Geldenhuys

Undoubtedly the world’s greatest and most impactful leaders have not only lead but have also emblazoned their vision upon the hearts and minds of those who stand in their wake.

To these trailblazers, leadership is not merely a title bearing unwarranted power over others, but rather an opportunity for transformation of the human spirit, uniting human beings to come together and empowering others so those they lead may know their true capabilities. Nelson Mandela (cited, in Khoza, 2013) states that “true leadership is given to those whose energy derives from deep within, in the spiritual dimension of the self rather than in managerial or technical expertise.” At one of the greatest pivotal points in our history, each of us will need to look deeply within our personal spiritual dimension as we navigate ascending beyond the challenges that lie before us.

Globally, many leaderships teams have been grappling with advancing their businesses, strategies and culture to enable transformation relating to customer centricity, client experience and digitization. Thought Leader, Reuel Khoza, wrote in his book ‘Let Africa Lead - African Transformational Leadership for 21st Century Business’, that every new era in business brings forth unforeseen qualities of business leadership.

Universally the biggest event of our lifetimes, the COVID-19 pandemic, has in a short amount of time fundamentally and forever changed our experience as customers, employees, citizens, humans and leaders around the world. The negative emotional impact has led to fear, chaos and confusion about what the present and the future holds. Now more than ever, there is a call for leaders to uplift and inspire..

The Dawn of a New Era - Unlocking the Untapped Power of Ethos

By Sjeanne Cawdry / Editing by Michelle L Geldenhuys

A new era dawns! 2020 and beyond calls forth, with full force, powerful transformations in organisations that want to move from old ways of thinking to new ways of thinking.

Leaders must be ready to unlock the unique creativity that is essential for breaking out of the status quo that holds conditioned patterns in place. For businesses to advance beyond old paradigms and catapult themselves into an emerging and elevated business consciousness that liberates the creative brilliance and energy of all their employees, they will need to cultivate and embrace the untapped, non-tangible power of ethos in themselves and others. 

In my first article ‘Leading through Legacy’, I point to Caroline Myss' astute observation that this period in history is ‘the era of the soul’. This concept applies to our personal and professional lives, and in this article, I discuss the influence of the soul and its connection to our ‘untapped power of ethos.’

Prior to the pandemic, human beings across the globe were on a certain path to evolving and becoming more connected and more conscious. This was driven by increased dialogue around higher purpose and an enormous advancement in digitization, globalization and the sharing of collective resource and ideas.  Mackey and Sisodia (2013) argue that businesses need to evolve and become more conscious too and lead the journey in human evolution rather than trail behind. What an astute statement and the perfect summary of our goal as business leaders. In my experience working in client experience and business transformation in the financial industry, I have realized that businesses reflect our human consciousness and our collective consciousness..